Termite Bonds starting at $250!

Dave's Pest Control offers retreat and retreat/repair bonds for Formosan termite protection. These bonds are issued for liquid or baiting services. Termite bonds of this nature require a thorough inspection of the crawlspace and the attic. Click HERE to see more infomation about Formosan Termites.

Make no mistake, Dave's Pest Control offers prices that are very affordable, but our service is PREMIUM QUALITY!

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We offer a variety of excellent termite services including termite baiting, liquid termite treatments on existing homes, and liquid termite treatments performed while a house is being built.

Click on the links to the left for a description of each termite treatment.

Dave's Pest Control services Birmingham AL and the surrounding areas.

Dave's Pest and Termite Control offers every kind of termite bond on the market.

Our prices start at $250 for the initial termite treatment, inspection, and issuance of your termite bond for your home.

Make no mistake - our prices are very affordable, but our service is


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